Adjusting Day-to-Day

Settling in to a new family care situation is difficult - for both caregivers and children.  Grandfamilies aims to make the transition easier by helping with critical and ongoing needs.  But once the initial crisis is past, every day issues and needs still need to be addressed.

For a caregiver, retirement plans, employment situations, vacations, and even social habits may need to be re-evaluated.  For a child, adjusting to a new home and school, making new friends, and learning to live with a new set of rules and expectations can be overwhelming.  The good news is that you aren't alone.  With more than 5,000,000 children in extended family care situations around the country, there's a lot of information and advice available from those who have been in your shoes.  And many studies and governmental resources provide additional insight and support for a variety of issues and needs.

For information and helpful tips on coping with your new situation, you may find the following links helpful.

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